Pushing Green Forward

Manage your bills online even when on the go with the Green Billing app. Be the world’s green hero when you save more on paper usage, wastage, and carbon footprint!

With Green Billing, you can also be rest assured that your bills are constantly updated anytime, anywhere.

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Green Billing, the latest mobile app from Idottv that allows you to manage bills the modern way, is now available for both mobile and browser.

Its main feature is the ability to help you add and view your bills online – on just single app. This green app smartly collects and personalizes your billing list as well as sending reminders of your monthly bill dues through its green alarm. It also allows you to add as many telecommunications, services, utilities, or banking bills as you want.

Tracking and managing your bills is so much easier with Green Billing –you can now save the world without even having to leave home –save more on paper usage and have all your bills sent directly to your smartphone instead – no more piles of bills on your home or office table – get them securely stored in your Green Billing account today.

Even housewives have one on their smartphone.

Green Billing

WTSA Global ICT Excellence Awards, 2012 at WCIT 2012, Montreal, Canada
Winner : Sustainable Growth - Green Billing
Mobile Premier Awards 2011 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain
Finalist : Green Billing
MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2011
Merit Winner Sustainability and Green IT : Green Billing
  • Green Billing is hosted on Amazon Web Services

  • Highly secured - your privacy matters to us

  • Be part of the family. It's free & gadget-friendly